College Gal vs Corporate Gal Collection

The College Gal vs Corporate Gal Collection

In order to serve all women from different backgrounds and economic statuses we created two different collections. Yes we are highly confident that both collections will bring you quality and longevity. To differentiate the two collections we've awarded our Corporate collection the top shelf title. Top shelf means it's the best of the best. You know what I mean! If you have ever been to a bar or restaurant and was offered the top shelf liquor it was always more expensive and potent. The corporate gal collection give me those city girl vibes, luxurious high end and a little more expensive. We aim to source the best vendors for the best price. So when I tell you the deals you get are definitely a steal I mean that. Hair from this collection can last 1 to 2 years with proper care. 100% Virgin hair. Double drawn and thick from roots to ends. Can be bleached to 613 and has a wide range of laces offered. This collection supplies the BEST HD LACES on the market!

Lets get more into the college gal collection. We created this collection to be able to offer high quality with affordable pricing to our high school and college girls. You won't break the bank shopping this collection but you still can have bouncy, soft and long lasting extension. Our college gal Brazilian hair can last 6 months to a year with proper care and maintenance. Can be bleached to 27.

Shop the collection that's right for you but always shop KodeRed. A brand for every girl hair and budget needs. 

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